YCD has been providing Amazon FBA service for many ecom dealers from China to USA, Canada, UK Australia etc, including total sea & air transportation, customs clearances in China & destination countries, delivery to Amazon warehouses. 

With 3-year FBA handling experiences, YCD FBA team and US partners have worked together to overcome many challenges of Amazon FBA, providing shipping from China ports and delivery to FBA warehouse timely which support our Ecom clients’ quick growth in the past years. 


Product Profile

  • Packaging & Shipping & Delivery
  • Packing: cartons, pallets, wood.
  • Dual customs clearance
  • Delivery time: every day
  • Shipping Type:air transport,sea shipping,express delivery
  • Carrier: CA CZ MU SQ EK PO MH TG PK W5
  • Transit path: direct flight



  • Have enough space for sea and airfreight
  • Make sure the fastest servicewithout standing in line in the shipping peak season
  • Different choices for clients . cost and transit time could be changed to meet customers needs.
  • One – stop service making it easy and fast to clear customs


How to work

  1. Seller’s preparing of goods
  2. Arrange picking up inland
  3. Check the package and helpwithsticking label if needed
  4. Prepare the docs for China side customsand handlecustoms clearance
  5. On the way to Amazon warehouse by seafreight or sea freight
  6. Clear out the cargo sending to the Amazon warehouse


Value-added Svc

  • Help you inspect the products and check the suppliers credit in China
  • Pick up your goods from different suppliers and consolidate into one shipment
  • Conceal true identity to protect your business secret from your suppliers and buyers
  • Amend CI to reduce or aovid customs taxes, duties, VATetc
  • Advance cargo arrival notice