How to prevent and solve cross-site hijacking

How to prevent and solve cross-site hijacking

1. Build a branded website
Simple and basic brand websites can also be used to deal with various complaints and counter-complaints from Amazon.

2. Apply for the Amazon Exclusive Program
This application has a low pass rate, high requirements, and an extra 5% commission. Other sites/any sellers are not allowed to sell with you.

3. Apply for UPC exemption
Through the test, some products cannot be sold across sites through ASIN, and must pass UPC//EAN/ to upload across sites. If we have already registered the brand, we can apply for UPC exemption, so that your product does not have UPC, which can reduce the chance of being hijacked by cross-site sales.

4. Pending or Testbuy
If it really doesn’t work, find a service provider to rush to sell it, because cross-site sales are a ticking time bomb. Bad reviews on other sites or any illegal operations will affect the original site.

5. Patent complaints
The premise is to register a trademark/appearance patent, and complain through appearance, trademark, and copyright. This effect is the most obvious, but the threshold and professional level requirements are relatively high.

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