How to Distinguish between General Goods, Sensitive Goods and Contraband

How to Distinguish between General Goods, Sensitive Goods and Contraband

In the international air & express industry, there are several categories to distinguish the goods, concretely they are divided into general goods, sensitive goods, contraband.



General goods

As the name implies, general goods are ordinary goods, neither contain sensitive goods, nor the contraband goods.

The general definition is that it does not contain international famous brand or imitated production, log, smoke, powder, paste, liquid, food, medicine, battery, magnetic material, optical disc, sensitive book, real gold and silver, flammable and explosive item, weapon and so on.



Contraband goods are prohibited by many countries in the world. It is illegal to be involved in such articles.

Contraband items are easy to identify, such as munition, chemical, pure powder, pure battery, pure liquid, flammable and explosive items, frozen meat, fruit, jewelry, valuable, drug, magnetic item, air conditioning item with compressors and so on. Such articles are strictly prohibited from mailing.


Sensitive cargo

The definition of sensitive goods is much complicated. In general, they are the ones between the ordinary goods and contraband goods,or some might involve or have involved some contraband goods with undemanding regulation

Specifically includes (but not limited to) the following seven categories:


All kinds of food, medicine, etc. Such items involve biological invasion and require quarantine certification for international transport, which may be sensitive without quarantine certification.


Liquid, paste, powder and other unstable items. Such items are extremely easy to vaporize during navigation process, leading to physical explosions because of heating, Those are also restricted by air transport. (cosmetics are in majority for this category )


Battery goods. To some extent, the battery will affect the electric signal in magnetic field and further interfere with aviation safety. It belongs to restricted item but is not the contraband. It asks for a special process of transportation or carried by the special position on flight.


All kinds of brand goods and luxury goods. This kind of article involves tort or other legal disputes. The goods written ‘made in xx’ and the imitation under the famous brands belong to the infringement of the law.


Magnetic articles. Magnetic objects can easily produce electromagnetic waves in flight at high speed , or their own magnetic field will interfere with the magnetic field image of aviation signal, which belong to aviation safety goods.


Light disk, CD, etc. Printed matter, photograph, record, film, film strip, audio tape, laser disc, computer storage medium and other articles which are harmful to the political, economic, cultural, moral, or international secrets of the destination country.


Gold and silver, precious works of art and so on, valuables and so on.


If the consignment contains the prohibited or sensitive items mentioned above, or is uncertain about the risks of shipment, please consult the professional to confirm the decision before making a decision.



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