Attention! The Trap of Receiving Shipment at a Low Price!

Attention! The Trap of Receiving Shipment at a Low Price!

Last week, many people reported that after a number of freight forwarders were suspected of collecting goods at a low price, they ran away with the money, and when the owner and partner came to collect the debt, they found that the building was empty! Recently, due to the sluggish freight rate and the increasingly serious involution in the freight forwarding industry, the logistics prices on the market are uneven, and there are many freight forwarders in the market who offer low prices. “Why is his price so low?” Does he not want to make money? Or the general cargo is loaded into sensitive containers, and the originally agreed air shipments are all shipped by rail/sea or a small number of air shipments and most of the air shipments are shipped in the form of sea shipments. Mason goes into operations such as ZIM or Yantian.

Recently, it has been reported that some railway containers have found a large number of contraband in the Mara yard, and many low-cost general cargoes are loaded into sensitive containers
Recently, the market has come up with new routines.

There’s no such thing as a free lunch, especially if you are dealing with sales that depend on performance, have you ever thought about the question of what he earns when he still sells the goods?
It is recommended to choose a logistics company with a normal quotation, and a freight forwarder that can bring you honest services is very important.

In fact, everyone understands in their hearts that choosing logistics is not the cheaper the better. Don’t be greedy for cheap prices and end up emptying the goods and freight. You must choose strong risk control capabilities and back-end processing capabilities, which will optimize the timeliness of each link.

A good choice of freight forwarder can save a lot of time, energy, and cost. The freight forwarder should become the seller’s logistics steward, provide logistics solutions, and optimize logistics costs.

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