Amazon US station gave a declaration

Amazon US station gave a declaration

It was discovered that the Amazon US station gave a declaration expressing that from April 25, dealers can’t pick FBA to move risky merchandise to US addresses, and that implies that merchants can pick outsider transporters to ship perilous products to US addresses. Coming up next is the substance of the declaration:

As of April 25, 2022, perilous merchandise can never again be delivered to U.S. objections through FBA, regardless of whether the item being delivered is restricted. This implies that beginning April 25, merchants should pick an outsider transporter to send hazardous products to objections in the United States.

For more data, kindly visit the “Perilous Goods Identification Guide (Dangerous Goods) Examples of Products that might be Classified as Dangerous Goods”.
The following is a screen capture of the first declaration:

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