Air Transport in the Middle East

Air Transport in the Middle East

Air transport in the Middle East

With the current political situation involving the Gulf countries, Qatar Airways and Qatar Cargo suspend their business in Saudi Arabia (KSA), Arabia, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain (BHR) and Egypt (EGY) flight. The date of recovery is to be notified.



Please be aware that other Qatar Cargo networks are not affected and are still functioning as usual.

If the above countries for the destination of the goods have been shipped in the completion of the tender, DACHSER cargo,shipping logistics and Qatar Cargo will cooperate closely, as soon as possible to re Lanshou these goods. We will give priority to the goods shipped back to have arrived in Doha, this service will not collect any fees.

Sent to the Qatar Cargo network in the destination of the goods, will be responsible for processing by the airline, which is the company’s practice, in order to maintain full service operation. In the DACHSER Asia Pacific, we predict that with the current situation, air freight between Asia and Europe will be delayed.

For more details, please feel free to contact YCD service representative.

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