The Influence of Chinese New Year on Supply Chain

The Influence of Chinese New Year on Supply Chain

Jan 16th, 2017

The influence of Chinese new year on Supply Chain


During the Spring Festival (CNY), Chinese population returning to welcome the new year is the world’s largest population flow of the tide. Chinese work areas are usually very far away from home, so during the Spring Festival, most of the mainland factories will give employees holidays, which has a great influence on the world’s supply chain. The freight volume between China and the EU will be serious imbalanced during the Spring Festival. This special event will not only occur in the statutory five days but also the next one week after the Spring Festival as well as as one week before the Spring Festival.



Offices in mainland China will be closed from January 27, 2017 to February 2nd.

One to two weeks before the Spring Festival, the factory will speed up production, and will stop completely during the Spring Festival. The factory will be able to resume normal production from one to two weeks after the Spring Festival.

European freight ships usually accumulate during the Spring Festival, so European goods usually pile up during this period.

The shipment of goods to China will also affect air cargo, which will greatly reduce the quantity of goods shipped to the west.

Please contact your representative to discuss the solution to prevent the disruption of the supply chain.


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