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Notice of Labor Day

Dear all   It is the Labor Day from May 1st to 4th. According to the annual holiday arrangements and the schedules of the company, we have the following holiday notice for the Labor Day of 2019 :   May 1st – 2rd : OFF WORK Unavailable for delivery / Available for collecting ;   May 3rd – 4th : ON DUTY Available for both delivery and collecting ;   May 5th     : WEEKEND Unavailable for delivery / Available for collecting .   Wish you a fantastic holiday !    

What will you get with YCD?

  Real-time Tracking To see the details of your goods with only one press. The instrument panel of YCD tells every location of the cargo, and the ETD as well.   Transparent Rate The prices of top ten advanced schemes are all listed via our logistics management system. Being simple, distinctive, integrated and competitive are characters under the pricing module of the system.   Top Service Team Experienced logistics professionals and teams in Warehouse Operation/ Transport Operation/ Customs Operation/ Sales/ Finance/ Customer Service. Leave all work of logistics [...]

Notice of Spring Festival

Dear customers :   The Spring Festival of 2019 is coming, YCD Logistics wishes you a good health, and prosperous business in the new year! And we thank you for your support and trust in the last year! In order to better carry out our service, we drafted the Notice as follows:   Holiday Time: Feb 1st – Feb 11th Date of Opening: Feb 12th   About Ocean shipping Cut-Off Date: Jan 30th   About Air Shipping Cut-off Date: Jan 31th   About Express Cut-off Date: Jan 31th   Office Tel: +86 755 32823802 Warehouse MP: +86 176 6527 9306   Sorry for any inconvenience we might cause [...]

How to Distinguish between General Goods, Sensitive Goods and Contraband

In the international air & express industry, there are several categories to distinguish the goods, concretely they are divided into general goods, sensitive goods, contraband.     General goods As the name implies, general goods are ordinary goods, neither contain sensitive goods, nor the contraband goods. The general definition is that it does not contain international famous brand or imitated production, log, smoke, powder, paste, liquid, food, medicine, battery, magnetic material, optical disc, sensitive book, real gold and silver, flammable and explosive item, weapon and so on.   Contraband Contraband goods [...]


  Dear customers:   On the occasion of the National Day, the company has fixed the holiday notice as follows according to the national statutory regulation, as well as the company’s actual situation.   Working Time: Sep 29th-30th Time off Work: Oct 1st- Oct 5th Opening Date: Oct 6th (goods coming to warehouse on Sep 30th or Oct 6th, 7th will not be shipped until Oct 8th after the holiday)   Sorry for any inconvenience we may cause you Best of luck Hope you have a great holiday   YCD INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS CO.,LTD     尊敬的客户: 值此国庆佳节到来之际,根据国家法定节假日放假规定并结合我司实际情况,现将2018国庆放假具体安排如下:   9月29日、30日正常收货(30日到仓货物统一节后8号出货) 10月1日至10月5日放假5天 10月6日、7日正常收货 10月8日正常出货   特此通知! 顺祝商祺   深圳市远成达国际货运代理有限公司    

Ins and Ous of Freight Forwarder — Why do sellers need a F.F?

                Ins and Outs of Freight Forwarder                — Why do sellers need a F.F? WHAT IS FREIGHT FORWARDER? Freight forwarder (FF) acts as an intermediary between the client and various transportation services. The duty is to transport the goods entrusted by the consignor from one place to another through the established way of transportation. Freight forwarder is the agent for transportation company (air, sea and land) to collect and carry [...]

Large Scale of Sampling Inspection Work by U.S. Custom

  Recently the U.S. customs started a large-scale sampling inspection work for amazon goods. The inspection is mainly for goods declared under $800 whose weight is over 100KG. At present, it mainly exists center on the transit site like Louisville, KY. It says that U.S. customs would enlarge inspection work 100% for goods declared under $800 across the whole region in the US. Currently the UPS has begun to dispatch with a delay or to detain goods at the warehouse whose declared value is under $800. YCD suggests declaring the name, quantity, HS code, brand name if [...]

How to adopt differential strategy on products? These three tips help in boosting your Amazon sales

How to adopt differential strategy on products? These three tips help in boosting your Amazon sales   In a recent letter to stockholders, Amazon announced that “more than half of sales on Amazon come from 3rd-party sellers.” Amazon is becoming increasingly competitive, and many markets that appear to be quick to succeed will soon become saturated. In order to keep pace with Amazon, sellers must find out new ways to keep low costs and improve their products as well. This article introduces three [...]

How Well do You Know Ex Works(EXW) and Free On Board(FOB)?

How Well do You Know Ex Works(EXW) and Free On Board(FOB)? For many new importers or even the veterans, incoterms can be overwhelming and confusing, as there are many things to realize: How does it work, who can I trust, what are the incoterms, and which is the appropriate option for me? With this article we aim to introduce you to the most common incoterms, FOB and EXW, which are essential to be familiar with when you are importing from overseas. Knowing the incoterms [...]