Business Arrangement on National Day of China

Sep 27th, 2017

Business Arrangement on National Day of China


The national day of China is coming, it will last for 8 days since Oct 1th. If you get cargo to be shipped recently, please inform us and get it arranged soon.



Holiday overview:

Holidays in China, Korea, Hongkong and Taiwan are arranged as follows:

China: October 1st to October 8th

South Korea:October 2nd to October 9th

Hongkong:October 1st, October 2nd, October 5th,

Taiwan: October 4th, October 9th, October 10th


Operations in China:

  • The Ministry of marine transport inShenzhen will open only in October 5th and October 6th
  • Guangzhou import and export department will open in October 1st. Employees will shift during the period from Oct. 2th to Oct 8th.
  • During the period from Oct.1 to Oct. 8th, the import department of the Ministry of shipping will be open for business, but will restrict the import quantity.
  • Air transport department in Shenzhen will arrange personnel to work on a specific date to handle pre booked flights

Please contact with your representive in YCD to deal with your arrangement.


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